Mochi’s first few days at home

On Thursday, I brought my little fur baby home. She cried during the whole car ride. When she arrived, she explored her new home, and then immediately fell asleep on our living room carpet.


She is an adorable, well-behaved, adventurous, funny little puppy. Over the past few days of her being home, I’ve seen the things that were expected to happen based on articles and infographs that I’ve read but I’ve also seen unexpected things.

Sleep. You will definitely not get a full night’s sleep for the first few days with your pup, even if you put her play pen in your room and even if she has a blanket with her mother and siblings’ scent. She would wake up around 12 a.m, and on another night she woke up at 3 a.m. Whenever she wakes up in the middle of the night, I take her out of her play pen and make sure that she’s on the paper laid out on the floor in front of her play pen, and let her pee. Then, I immediately put her back in her play pen to sleep. Last night was her first night to not wake up in the middle of the night. She slept from 10:30 p.m all the way to 5 a.m. Still not the time I’d like to wake up to haha but I’m glad she slept straight.

Nap time. I didn’t know this but puppies nap a lot. I kind of worried that there was something wrong because she would take so many naps. But after some research, I realized that it’s normal for puppies to sleep so much because they need at least 17 hours of sleep a day.


Potty places. Mochi was paper trained by the breeder so she does know to go potty on the paper that we lay out on the floor. However, there are some times that she does not go potty on her potty place. So far, she has pooped once on our carpet. As for pee, she has had some pee mistakes on various areas of our floor. Right when I notice, I carry her to her potty place. Once, she even peed right beside her potty place but not quite on the potty place. At times it can be frustrating because you think that she would know where her potty place is after peeing there numerous times, but then she would do something cute and I can’t even be mad at her. Puppies just can’t hold their bladder that well yet and will just go when they have to go. That’s why it’s good to reward her when she does pee on her potty spot, and also to observe for signs that she has to go pee and take her to her potty spot, and understand when she makes a mistake.

Collar and bows. I don’t know how some instagrammers are able to take pictures of their Shih Tzu wearing a bow. I’ll put a bow on Mochi, and in the next second she scratches it off. Same with her collar. She always scratches herself around her collar. One time, I even found the front of her collar in her mouth. I panicked because I saw something pink in her mouth and I thought she was going to swallow something she shouldn’t but then it was just her collar in her mouth -__- . I even tried switching her collar to the one the breeder gave to see if it was just that one collar, but she still doesn’t like it. Hopefully, I get her harness in the mail soon. I ordered one off of Ebay last month because I read that it’s much more comfortable than collars + leash. As for the bow situation, I’m hoping she will be okay with wearing bows when her hair grows longer.


Carpets and slippers. It is so important to have chew tows but Mochi will even chew our carpets and my favourite penguin slippers. Actually her first day here, she didn’t chew any of her toys. Instead, she enjoyed chewing our carpets. Luckily her teeth are still too tiny to even cause any damage.