Waiting seasons (motivational long read)

Those seasons in your life where you feel like you’re stuck in the darkness, in a never ending tunnel, or walking for what feels like ages in a desert, are definitely not easy to stay in. You feel like you’ve been waiting for so long in this season and you want to get out of it. Maybe you’re wondering “why me?” or “why am I here?” or “when will this season end?” or “will anything good happen to me?” Maybe you’re tired of waiting and at this point lost all hope. This is the waiting season.

I’ve had my share of waiting seasons in my life. The last major one was years ago in my earlier 20s. I finished my undergrad in university and was working a minimum wage job that mentally drained me and made me miserable. I was at my lowest point.Β Eventually, Β I quit that job; good move for my mental well-being but then felt purposeless. “What am I going to do with my life?” I thought. After endless searching and applying for jobs and getting no answer, that began the season of waiting; waiting for a job, waiting for the idea of what to do next with my life, waiting for something good to happen to me.

As difficult as the waiting season might sound like, it isn’t all that bad. It teaches you to focus on yourself, on what you like, what you want out of life, to do things you never had time to do before, or to pursue the things you’re passionate about again; self-discovery. That’s exactly what I got out of that waiting season. I had time to start writing again. I wrote poems and motivational paragraphs. Writing was part of what kept me sane during this season, and I came to the realization that I wanted to pursue my passion for writing.

My major in university, however, was nothing related to creative writing or writing. This meant that I had to start a new path. It was risky and I hesitated for a long time. Finally, I enrolled in a graduate certificate program related to writing, and I finally felt like I had a purpose again. I felt happier for pursuing my passion, and I finally felt like I was making my way out of the tunnel. I graduated in a year and immediately began working in a field where I was able to write. I made it out of the tunnel, out of the desert, out of the waiting season.

This is proof that even if you’re in the waiting season, you will find yourself out of it. The best things are yet to come if you keep believing that it will. Waiting seasons happen to:

  • give us time to realize things we might not have realized when we were busy doing life
  • allow us to appreciate what we have
  • allow us to slow down and really evaluate ourselves and our life
  • allow us to discover or rediscover our passions and pursue it
  • give us time to recharge
  • build our patience and teach us to trust the timing of our life
  • build character

If you’re in a waiting season right now, I promise that something will come out of it; you need only to be patient. There’s a purpose to this season. Live in this moment. Let me also remind you that you are not being punished. You might look at the people around you and wonder why their circumstances look better. Stop that thinking. You are being kept in this season because you are meant to be somewhere better, and what’s about to happen to you is not ready to be revealed to you yet.

Believe it or not, even though I told you that I made it out of that waiting season, I’m back in that waiting season right now. Waiting seasons don’t just happen once in your life; there are always more tunnels and deserts out there. But this time I know what to do and I feel more assured that something good will come out of this; in fact, I’m enjoying where I am right now even if it’s in the darkness. I’m trying to understand my purpose for being in this season and I’m pursuing that. That’s what we have to keep in mind. That no matter where we are in life, we need to be thankful and enjoy it because it’s temporary. Seasons change.

Your breakthrough is coming.