Sheet masks: Why I love them and why you should too

Sheet masks are not only good at making you feel calm and like you’re at the spa, but they’re also packed with skincare benefits. It’s pretty simple. Face serum contains powerful ingredients that target a specific or numerous skin concern(s), whether it’s dry skin, aging, and so forth. Sheet masks are drenched in serum. Why don’t you just use a serum then? Rather than just applying serum to your face with your fingers, sheet masks are meant to stay on your face for an amount of time (usually 10-30 mins); this allows your skin more time to absorb the product and penetrate deeper into the skin.

Do the results show? Yes, if used consistently. But I find that a good sheet mask will still leave my skin brighter the next day. Not only that, but any signs of dryness/flakes can disappear and skin feels softer. I aim to use sheet masks twice a week.

It’s easy to think that all sheet masks are the same: sheet + serum. But I’m actually picky when it comes to my sheet masks. I picked up some Korean sheet masks from Marshall’s that I actually did not like. One of them was hydrogel, think of sheet masks made out of gel. They also had two parts to the sheet mask: one half for the top half of your face and another half for the bottom half of your face. Why make the extra hassle of having to apply two sheet masks to the face? I thought it was annoying, and the sheet masks did not stay well on my face. The other sheet mask was not hydrogel, it was an ordinary sheet mask but even that one was not any better. The face shape did not fit comfortably on my face. The mouth hole was too small. It also did not stay well on my face (perhaps not drenched with enough serum). A good sheet mask should fit comfortably on your face to cover your whole face and it should feel like your whole face is drenched with the serum.

With that being said, here are some Korean brand sheet masks that I have tried and trust (Top to bottom: Real Nature , Tony Moly, Etude House):



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