The XS/Petite/Short one

Four feet nine. That’s how short I am.


“How short are you?”

“We need a phone book for you to stand on”

“How’s the weather down there?”

“Oh baby clothes, is that yours?”

I’ve heard it all. Not only that, I’m skinny as well. Or, in other words, I have a tiny frame. So, I also get:

“Do you even eat?”

“Eat more”

“How much do you weigh?”

I always brush it off but it actually hurts and makes me wonder, why is it that people are okay withΒ pointing out someone else’s body? Maybe it’s a joke and they find it funny but do they actually think about whether it’s funny to the person they’re joking on?

I honestly think it’s dangerous to make a joke about a girl or woman’s body. Body image has a huge impact on how a girl/woman feels. It doesn’t matter what size you are, whether you are overweight or underweight or tall or small or whatever the case, making fun of someone’s body is all the same hurtful. When you make fun of a skinny person, would you go up to someone with a bigger size and ask them why they’re fat? No. You wouldn’t. So, why is it okay to go up to a skinny or small person and point out their body? It’s hurtful to both sizes. Some people tend to think that it’s okay to poke fun at a skinny person because it’s not like they’re struggling to lose weight, right? But maybe, they’re struggling to gain weight. I, personally, have tried everything to gain weight. I have taken protein powder shakes every day while working out to gain muscle, which worked temporarily. And yes, I do eat. I love food. I don’t count calories and I eat as much as I can. My metabolism is just fast.

Anyway, my point is this. You don’t know a person’s struggle with their body or body image. People come in all shapes and sizes. Keep your “body shaming” to yourself.


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